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10 Most Useless Items in Your Travel Luggage

There are so many things to pack in your travel luggage when you’re going to travel for some time, right? You might lose yourself in the long lists of things you think are essential for your journey and then spend hours preparing your bags.

But have you ever thought you might drop some really unnecessary stuff and be totally okay without it? It would be great, wouldn’t it? Your bag would be lighter and could contain more things that really make a difference on the road.

Some people really love this planning and preparing stage because collecting and packing up things stirs up a travelling atmosphere. Others don’t bother much and just go to the nearest camping store, buying stuff on their list blindly.

Different travel or camping shops offer a variety of things you may need during your trip. And if you aren’t an experienced traveler, you may want to buy all those sparkly items and handy gadgets all at once.

But don’t fool yourself. You’ll hardly need most of all these items on your journey.

So here’s we prepared the list of top 10 useless items that a traveler may take with them on their journey. Of course, the list of things you need may differ depending on the place where you’re going, but let’s be serious, we can’t imagine a situation where you will need any of these.

Check them out:

Passport wallet

Passport wallet for your Travel Luggage

This is a good thing to give as a present to a person who is not in the circle of your closest friends and relatives. But the fact is that it’s incredibly useless. Any customs officer will make you pull your identity document out of it and you will lose your time and make other people in the line nervous while they’re checking you.

Just don’t buy a passport wallet, period.

Money belt

Money belt

Keeping your money during a trip in a money belt is the worst idea ever. It’s like a red rag for a bull, the best signal for all thieves and pickpockets. You’re practically yelling, “Hey, over here! I’ve got money, free for stealing!”

When you’re about to purchase something right in the street, using the money belt gives you a perfect chance to show everyone around you how much money you’ve got there.

Apart from the danger to reveal where you keep your travel money, money belts are inconvenient to wear and look really ridiculous as they bulge around your waist. Don’t make yourself a laughing stock and forget the money belt.

Too many toiletries

Too many toiletries

Unless you’re going on a hiking trip into literal wilderness, you will always have access to all the benefits of the civilization, including all the types of toiletries. That said, think twice before packing a spare deodorant or the twentieth piece of make-up. Hey, you’re really going to need all of these on your way? Hardly. But in case you are, wouldn’t it be easier to purchase the essential stuff in a local store?

Think strategically and don’t bring more toiletries than necessary.

Special clothes for traveling

Travel clothes

These items are sold in special trekking stores and they can be useful if you’re planning traveling on foot through the jungle swarming with mosquitoes or climbing Mt. Everest.

However, quite a small percentage of people go to such extremes and there’s a good chance that you’re not one of them. So just put on your usual clothes that you’re comfortable to wear and forget about all those fancy outfits.

A rain poncho

Rain poncho

It’s hard to imagine an uglier thing in anyone’s wardrobe. Unless it’s your favorite clothes item ever, you’re going to look stupid in it and you will feel embarrassed as everyone will stare at you, so you’d better remove it from your travel luggage.

So most likely you won’t even take it out of your bag, even if it rains dogs and cats. Bring a rain jacket or everyday umbrella instead.

A professional camera

Professional camera

If you’re a serious photographer and earn your living by selling fabulous pictures of interesting places to BBC, National Geographic and Discovery, then it may make sense. For most other cases a usual pocket-sized camera would be quite enough to take memorable pictures of your journey.

And given the quality and convenience of cameras built in modern smartphones, most tourists don’t bother with purchasing a dedicated camera at all.

A torch


Torches can be really useful on a long trip. But most of the modern smartphones either have a built-in torch application, or allow you to download it from the Google Play or App Store. So again, ditch the torch.

Too many electronic devices


If you’re an advanced electronics user, you may have lots of small electronic devices for different purposes. It may be difficult for you to deny yourself using them on your journey, but trust us, it’s much more difficult and inconvenient to carry them all with you.

Again, most of the modern smartphones are equipped with all the necessary apps. Feel like reading a book? There’s a plenty of reading apps available. Can’t imagine a day without music? Just download it on your phone.

Don’t forget why you’re traveling: to break free from your daily life and get some rest, right? So just take as few devices as possible and try to unplug yourself, if only for a little bit.

A guitar

Music on the beach

Usually people take guitars on a journey to impress their companions and all the folks they meet on their way by chance. But usually, it all finishes with “Wow, you can play a guitar! Do you know a 1969’s song of a nobody-knows-this-backwoods-artist-but-the-person-who-asks?”

Seriously, unless you’re going to sit by the fire every day with your friends drinking beer and singing along, you’ll hardly find a use for this cumbersome instrument on the road.



With MasterCard and Visa, it has never been easier to make purchases while abroad. Almost all the shops from fashionable boutiques to local groceries now accept cards. But still many travelers tend to take tons of cash with them, because you never know, right?

Wrong. They think it’s only wise because a bank card may fail. But who told you that you should take only one card with you? If you’re afraid that your wallet may be stolen, just don’t put all your eggs into one basket and keep your cards in different pockets or, better yet, bags.

Summing up

We hope this list of top 10 most useless items travelers tend to bring along on their journey will help you free up some space in your bag and make your life on the road better. Don’t forget to check out another definitive list of the most helpful items to have at hand in your journey.





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