5 Must-Check Online Aggregators: Tickets and Lodgings for a Smart Traveler

Find Cheap Flights and Rooms

If you’re anything like me as a traveler, you’re constantly trying to find cheap flights, accommodations, rooms and tours. When you’re planning your next trip, whether it’ll be a summer vacation, your sweet honeymoon, or just a simple weekend getaway, you want it to be positively awesome but not super costly.

But here’s the problem: how do you find such ideal trip deals?

Don’t stress out, we got you covered. Because you clearly deserve the best of the best, we gathered top sites to help you find cheaper flights and hotels in the places you want to visit so that you don’t spend too much money on your trip.

Just use this list and you won’t ever have to go back to travel agencies.

Hotels.com – Cheap hotel finder


This website is one of the most popular resources for smart travelers all over the world. Maybe you’ve heard about it by the name of “Venere” in the past. Now Hotels.com is still a leading provider of hotel accommodations worldwide – but with a much more convenient name.

So who wouldn’t fancy a cozy hotel room for two in Italy for $30 per night? Great news: with Hotels.com it’s totally doable! The site offers a wide range of accommodation on the net, including both independent, major chain hotels and self-catering.

At Hotels.com, you can find many small budget hotels, that won’t be presented on the larger websites, and the prices are going to surprise you – in a good way, that is.

There is one more nice moment in using Hotels.com: you won’t have to pay a deposit when you book the room you like. Well, in most cases. Just make sure to read the fine print. Since you don’t pay a deposit, it’s much easier to change your mind and book another reservation.

So check out Hotels.com now >>

Airbnb – Find a cheap room


Do you want to feel homier while traveling? If that’s so, use Airbnb to find rooms, apartments or houses worldwide and rent them out! The prices are lower than with hotels, and you’ll spend your time indoors in a far more comfortable way than when staying in a small hotel room.

Airbnb is quite popular all over the world, so you can find a place almost everywhere, including your suburbs. Just in case you’re still doubting – while hotel room in Nashville, for instance, costs about $200, with Airbnb you can rent a beautiful pool house on the outskirts of the city for only $80 per night!

Airbnb gives everyone a chance to live a small fairy-tale life in Goa or Seychelles in a bungalow with a gorgeous view from a postcard. So when planning your next vacation, make sure you won’t miss this chance.

Visit Airbnb to find a beautiful accommodation >>

Groupon – Travel cheap in groups


Many people have saved an impressive amount of money by using Groupon on some local activities and travels. Just one recent example: thanks to Groupon voucher, you can stay in Costa Rica for a total $178 with free breakfasts and $50 dining credit.

Groupon, however, has its cons, and while most of the users feel grateful to it, some of them still complain. Pay attention and choose carefully.

Here are a few steps to take before getting the deal to make a confident purchase:

Visit the website of the business in question (or make a call) and make sure you’ve read the fine print.
Even if the business is legit, sometimes the fine print contains the information that the description left out.
If you made a buy and something is going wrong, you can write to the Groupon support and they’ll give all your money back.

Go to Groupon.com and find yourself the best deal >>

Cheapoair.com – Find cheap flights

Cheapoair - find cheap flights with flight coupons

Cheapoair.com will help you to find cheap flights, whenever and wherever you want to go. The site offers a variety of discount coupons for some airlines that can save you about $10-15. In addition to airfares, you can find here rates on cars, cruises, hotels and packages.

Also, Cheapoair.com offers $10 money-back guarantee if you find a cheaper flight or hotel reservation, airport parking reservations and $5 inconvenience coupon if your flight is delayed more than one hour or your baggage is lost.

Do check their site out to travel cheap >>

Your favorite hotel’s website

There are plenty of situations when you can make a better deal booking through the hotel’s site directly. It also can turn out to be safer and less stressful.

If you’re a member of hotel’s loyalty program, watch out for its promotional and seasonal deals and you might get yourself a nice cheaper than usual room.

Summing up

Online booking

Planning your travel with websites and apps is a very handy way to find great bargains and save not only money but a lot of time.

Use our 5 must-check online aggregators and you will never have any trouble finding cheap flights and nice lodgings. Travel smart and experience more of the beauties of the world!

Do you know some more sites for finding tickets and accommodations? Feel free to share your tips in the comments below and check out other articles on travel we wrapped up for you to make your trip easier.

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