8 Instagram Travel Photographers You Must Follow Right Now

Reading about exotic locations and crazy adventures is awesome, but just reading about it doesn’t quite compare to actually seeing them, right? Good travel photographers can bring the experience to life in a way that you can picture yourself there. So we wrapped up a list of 8 best Instagram travel photographers you must follow if you are serious about traveling.

Each of these Instagram travel photographers posts amazing travel photos with text that can help stir your imagination when you can’t be there yourself.

So let’s start with…

8 best Instagram accounts of travel photographers to follow


A part of me never left.

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Chris Burkard is a self-taught pro photographer who specializes in taking some of the coolest surfing photos imaginable.

These stunning images of ice surfing and the northern lights from Chris’s explorations of breathtaking isolated areas from Alaska, to Iceland, to Nicaragua will instill feelings of stillness and serenity in you.


Eric Rubens is a photographer based in Southern California who loves photographing the sunset on the west coast.

No need for sepia filters here, Eric has the Midas touch that gives his photos a golden feeling of nostalgia, whether he’s capturing images of the sunset, beaches, streets, or the hustle and bustle of the city.


A Buddhist monk enters the formidable doors of Trongsa Dzong, the ancestral home of Bhutan’s monarchy. The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan has sat in isolation for thousands of years and only recently been thrust into the glare of modern times after centuries of solitude. This Buddhist kingdom, high in the Himalayas, had no paved roads until the 1960s, was off-limits to foreigners until 1974, and launched television only in 1999.  In 1972, the country stop relying on Gross Domestic Product as the best indicator of Bhutan’s progress in favor of “Gross National Happiness.” So if you want to visit the happiest place on earth, put Bhutan on your travel bucket list. . Bhutan has put environmental conservation at the heart of its political agenda. It’s pledged to remain carbon neutral, made it law that 60% of the country must remain forested for future generations, banned plastic bags, instituted a monthly pedestrian day that bans all private vehicles from its roads, and  announced its intention to become the world’s first 100-percent organic-farming nation. It goes without saying that the countryside is breathtakingly beautiful and pristine. Follow me @amivitale for more stories from around the world.  #bhutan #buddhism #asia  #amivitale @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #seetheworld  #photooftheday #photojournalism

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National Geographic’s Instagram puts you right in the middle of the action, regardless of the action you’re looking for. National Geographic’s Instagram features images from all over the world, including photos of fascinating animals on land and sea, historical wonders, cultural celebrations, amazing landscapes, and people going about their normal day to day lives.


Sean Ench’s landscapes will surely take your breath away. With fine attention to detail, Sean’s photography captures the powerful forces of nature that shape each mountaintop, waterfall, and desert wasteland, and the people who brave these forces.

If you are fascinated by the forces to be found on this rock we call our home, you’ll really enjoy Sean’s Instagram photos.


Quin’s photos include some amazing landscape, but it’s the people and their adventures that make Quin’s images really stand out. He captures some subjects in mid-dive off a cliff, others gazing out over a bright blue lake.

Whatever his subjects are up to, you’ll want to be right there with them. On a mission to feel alive and running every day, it’s clear he lives the kind of life most others only aspire to.


Travis Burke’s images are filled with color and motion, the kind of images that leave you itching to hit the road. Travis’s photos capture the precise moment of action, leaving you with a feeling of anticipation and a desire to give life all you can.


Most of the Instagrammers we’ve featured in this article have specialized in landscapes and adventures, but AFAR Media takes things in a different direction, specializing in cultural experiences. No perfect beaches or sunsets here, Afar Media find perfection in the textures of everyday imperfection.


Out of Office 💦 Free framing & shipping ends soon — link in profile

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Gray Malin is a fine art photographer who expertly captures the busy coastline of Australia, and does so with a sense of playfulness.

His tagline says he’s on a mission to make everyday a getaway. Judging by his photography, he is quite successful in that endeavor.


So that’s it for our list of 8 interesting Instagram travel photographers you must follow right now. As you can see, we decided to include different style photographers to present the fine art of taking pictures as full and wide as possible.

Do you have your favorite Instagram travel photographers aside from the ones we mentioned here? Share them in the comments below and tell us why you care about their shots. Also, check out the story of one amazing woman who traveled all countries in the world in 18 months.



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