Secret Travel Destinations: 9 Places in the World to Visit

When people plan their vacation, most often they think of visiting the most popular places, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Colosseum in Rome. But as these tourists’ attractions are so popular, they tend to be really costly and crowded at any time of the year. However, there are still many undiscovered places and secret travel destinations that you may visit if you don’t like congestions. Some of these places can even be found in your own home city, so keep your eyes open! In this article, we want to uncover 10 secret places in the world that you can see on your next trip abroad.

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia, Italy

Surely, Sardinia is not a deserted island and not one of the secret travel destinations, it’s a place that all the tourists know of. But let’s move away from the famous Costa Smeralda a little bit to the south of the island and you’ll see there an untrodden land with everlasting mountains and small cosy villages. Once you get to the coast, you will be literally mesmerized by its beauty.

Appi, Japan

Appi, Japan: secret travel destinations

If you’re a ski fan then you must have heard about such famous Japanese resorts as Hakuba, Niseko and Nagano. But there’s also one more resort that only local people know about.

This is Appi located in the far northern part of the Japanese island Honshu.The name of the resort comes from Ainu language which literally means “a place where one can live in peace”, and this is truly what it is.

Moreover, if you study Japanese and you want to have some practice, you will get lots of it there. The local farmers hardly speak English so you can practice your foreign language with them more than anywhere else in Japan.

Himachal Pradesh, India

Himachal Pradesh, India

Himachal Pradesh is the state of India located right in its North corner. Natives call this place the Land of Gods. According to Hindu belief, Lord Shiva lives in the Himalayas, not far from that very place. So if you travel to that part of the world, there’s a good chance that you’ll meet him there.

When you get there, you may think that you’ve arrived on another planet. Here every new view can make you tremble with excitement: all these deep valleys and soaring peaks. As for adventure activities that you can do there, there are such things as ice skating in Shimla, rafting in Kullu, and skiing in Manali.

So be sure: even so far from the civilization, you won’t get bored.

Lost City, Colombia

Lost City, Colombia

If you’ve already been to Machu Picchu in Peru and admired that place, then the Lost City or Ciudad Perdida in Colombia will stun you as well.

The Tayrona people built the city in the 11th century, so if you like ancient places this this is where you should go for sure. In 1970s, the city was discovered in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains.

Strangely enough, this place isn’t very popular among tourists as the only way to get there is to hike. It’s quite a long way to go, indeed, but c’mon, people, just shape up and move forward! You will be grateful for this advice later when you saw the Lost City of Columbia: the sight is truly unforgettable.

Puros, Namibia

Puros, Namibia

If you’re looking for complete isolation from the world, then this is exactly where you should go.

When you get to Puros, you may not even realize that there’s a town or even a small village there. It seems just a small campsite with a few dozens of people living there – a local settlement of Himba tribespeople living in true unity with nature.

It’s a little paradise there in Puros. Sometimes even desert elephants come to walk around those places. The only problem is the transportation. It takes a few days to get there by car and there is no social transport there.

Lalibela, Ethiopia

Lalibela, Ethiopia

Lalibela is a small town in Ethiopia. The most interesting thing about this place, apart from amazing nature, is the set of 13 churches. All of them have been carved out of solid rock, estimatedly in the 12-13 century.

The churches of Lalibela still serve their original purpose and you can see monks dressed in white walking in silence through the stone pavilions.

You can get to Lalibela by plane from Axum, Bahir Dar and Gondar. There are also indirect flights from Addis Ababa.

Terelj, Mongolia

Terelj, Mongolia

Terelj is the national park in Mongolia and the most famous one around those places. Most likely you’ve never heard about Terelj, just because European and American tourists hardly ever think of going to Mongolia.

The locals call Terelj the Switzerland of Asia. Apart from traditional tourist attractions like restaurants, souvenir shops, camels and horses to rent, you can also watch the demonstration of archery skills by locals and spend a night or two in a traditional yurt. Another great attraction is a Buddhist Monastery in the park which is open for visitors.

Lory Park Animal and Owl Sanctuary, South Africa

Lory Park, South Africa

Talking about parks, definitely visit the Lory Park Zoo which is located between two major cities of the South Africa, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

This zoo is so much different from all the zoos in the world because here you can find animals that have been injured or abandoned and then taken care of and healed. What’s more, you can even closely interact with them and have a time of your life in the zoo with your kids.

The Wave Organ; San Francisco, California

The wave organ

California is a well-known place among tourists, but the Wave Organ is something that tourists rarely get to visit. The Wave Organ is an acoustic sculpture created by Peter Richards and Jorge Gonzalez and is located in San Francisco Bay.

When waves hit the end of the pipes, the Wave Organ creates sounds – a truly miraculous thing to hear. You should remember that it’s better to visit the place when the tides are high.

Summing up

So now you’ve got the list of top secret places in the world to visit on your next vacation. Don’t just let it stale away on a backburner – add these unique places to your bucket list and be sure to tick them off in the near future.

Do you have something to add to this list? Share your locations and attractions in the comments below and tell fellow travelers why you think it’s worth their visit.  Also, check out the story of famous woman, who traveled 196 countries in 18 months.





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