Top 10 Places to Go Shopping in Chicago

If you are a shopping fan traveling across the US, you should definitely check in for shopping in Chicago as this is one of the best places to do this.

Chicago offers a huge variety of shopping options, from discount malls to luxury boutiques. Here we wrapped up the list of the top 10 shops in Chicago where a tourist can find practically anything their heart desires.

Sir and Madame

Shopping in Chicago: SIR&MADAME

This shop is owned by Brian and Autumn Merritt, who are a married couple, and this is the best shopping place in Chicago for fashion-oriented guys to hang out. Showcasing the mix of their own labels and indie brands, they offer a huge variety of cool clothing and accessories.

Luxury Garage Sale

Luxury Garage Sale

Although Luxury Garage Sale is a consignment store, once you get inside it will feel like the best boutique you’ve ever seen. This is definitely the place where every girl can get her dreams fulfilled.

The designers’ collections are so well created that you’ll hardly leave the store without any purchase. Apart from such expensive brands as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes, there can also be found some cheaper articles, especially in the vintage accessories section.

The Silver Room

The silver room

Having been working for 20 years already, the Silver Room is one of the finest Chicago gift stores. It has been located in Wicker Park for 18 years, but now it has moved to Hyde Park where it still attracts tourists who want to buy a unique present for their friends and relatives.

The Silver Room is very popular due to its incredible jewelry collections and interesting community events. Apart from silver jewels, you can also find there some interesting trifles made of brass, wood, and leather.

Aldo Outlet


This is a perfect shopping place for those who look for the bargains as this store often offers huge discounts, sometimes up to 50% and even more.

If you get there on your trip to Chicago, make sure that this is off-peak time so as to get appropriate service, otherwise, the shop girls would just have no time to get you the correct size.

Apart from clothes, in Aldo Outlet, you can also find amazing accessories, shoes, and bags.



Brimfield is named after its owner, Julie Fernstrom, who is a huge fan of antique and vintage interiors. The store offers a variety of home goods that can literally make your knees tremble.

There are tons of rarities and antique knick-knacks for your housing, from reclaimed furniture to woolen blankets. Make sure that you also get onto the basement level as there are also many things you can buy there.

Merz Apothecary


For those who care about their health and body, Merz Apothecary with its 140-year history would be a literal paradise. Set up in 1857, this family-run old-style beauty store offers more than 14 thousand (!) beauty items, including lotions and fragrances from international brands.

A few years ago the shop has added the men’s grooming and shaving department.



With the help of its clever assortment and minimalist vibe, this newly-opened shop in the Logan Square neighborhood has quickly attracted the city’s groups of creative young people and become one of the liveliest places in the city.

This is also one of the most unusual shopping centers that you can ever find in Chicago. Apart from sassy clothes, accessories and other stuff from local geniuses, you will also find here a wonderful collection of handpicked vintage items that will make you really sad to leave when you’re done with shopping.



If your fate brings you to hip Wicker Park’s surroundings in Chicago, you should surely visit this small shop with its lovely assortment. Be sure that you would want to put on and wear these wonderful pieces of clothing right where you stand: Baggu leather pouches, striped culottes from Ace & Jig, printed dresses from Dusen Dusen and much more.

Penelope’s store contains a variety of not really famous, but still gorgeous brands at cool prices. Many items cost about only $100 or even less. Where else would you find a dress of your dream at such a price?



Lately, Ikram has become quite popular in Chicago with its shiny red facade and round windows. It looks more like a fashion store in Milan rather than a mid-sized clothes shop on Chicago’s tony Gold Coast.

If you are a fashion-lover, you will be amazed to find there the collections of such artists as Narciso Rodriguez, Proenza Schouler, Comme des Garçons and Sacai – all of them on the headless mannequins decorated with vintage jewels.

Once you’ve finished admiring all this crazy fashionable stuff, you may go dining to the cafe on the second floor as you will be hungry as a bear after such an impressive walk.

Stock Mfg Co.


Once an online-only store of men’s clothing and accessories, this place has grown to be a huge hybrid of a lounge and a factory which produces all the pieces of clothing on site. The very modest pieces of clothing they offer will fulfill anyone’s daily requirements for comfortable and stylish garments.

Summing up

So these are the best 10 places that you should visit for sure if you go shopping in Chicago. And what are your favorite places to go shopping while traveling? Share your favorites in the comments! Also, check out quick guide to finding the best luggage for your travels.

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